Adversary-Based Threat Modeling & Risk Analysis Training


Course Outline

  • Adversary Axioms

  • Intelligence Collection and Analysis

  • Workshop: Adversary Dossiers

  • Adversary Modeling

  • Workshop: Adversary Playbooks

  • Defenses and Controls

  • Workshop: Adversary Kill Chain

  • Adversary Economics

  • Workshop: Adversary Evolution

  • Prioritization and Risk Analysis

  • Workshop: Risk Assessment

  • Operations



Adversary-Based Training will give your team the capability to understand who your adversaries are, how they plan and operate, and what their motivations and resources look like.  This data and knowledge is extremely valuable when it comes to design, implementation, and prioritization in your security programs.

Using adversary intelligence available to us will improve decision-making and prioritization.  Adversary-Based Threat Modeling and Risk Analysis provides a framework for using adversary intelligence to establish an evidence-based, defensible, accurate, and efficient security program on any budget.

In this training, you will learn how to collect and analyze raw adversary intelligence.  You will learn how to determine which adversaries are relevant to your organization.  You will create dossiers, playbooks, and cost models that describe a comprehensive profile of different adversaries.  And you will use all of these findings to design a security program with effective controls, strategies, and policies.

All attendees will leave this workshop with the ability to discover and recognize the tactics that your adversaries use.  You will be able to prioritize defenses that are most effective at reducing the risk of successful execution of adversary playbooks.  You will be able to analyze risks based on adversary behavior.  And you will be able to make informed, defensible decisions in your security program that defend against real adversary operations.


This training course is designed for a variety of skill and experience levels, including entry-level analysts and CISOs. Whether you are triaging incidents every day, prioritizing engineering or vulnerability management resources, or planning long-term security controls or strategy, the skills and tools you’ll learn in this training will help you make quicker, more accurate, and more defensible decisions that will lead to a more thorough security program.

Training Requirements

  • A computer with unfiltered internet access