Julian Cohen


Julian Cohen is the head of security and CISO at a cryptocurrency financial services organization. He is dedicated to building thoughtful and effective security programs using insight gained from offensive experience.

Julian started his career contracting for the United States Department of Defense. After building a deep understanding of the challenges and constraints that offensive teams have, both enterprise and government, he began helping defensive teams make powerful decisions to defend against adversaries.

Since then, Julian has held a variety of engineering, operations, and management roles at academic, technology, finance, consulting, healthcare, and insurance organizations. He has built security programs that have successfully defended organizations against a wide variety of adversaries. He advises security vendors and startups on product, efficacy, market, and integration.

Julian has given presentations at industry conferences such as BlackHat USA, RSA, USENIX 3GSE, SOURCE Boston, FS-ISAC, Thotcon, and Hushcon. He has designed and implemented several novel security technologies that are currently successful products or used in ubiquitous software, keeping users and organizations secure. Julian is heavily involved in the security community and tries to give back wherever he can. He runs a local meetup in New York, moderates an online community, and mentors professionals and practitioners.